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American and Canadian citizens, of Italian ancestry or having the need for legal or financial representation in Italy, no longer need to depend upon a friend-of-a-friend recommendation, or blindly trust some unknown, remote firm 7,000 miles across the ocean without any local US client support. You now have direct access to a highly qualified and professional legal and financial team based in Rome, with years of family law experience and knowledge.  

Senior Managers

Giampaolo Girardi

Managing Partner

 1990 Degree in Italian Law (La Sapienza University of Rome)

                1993 Degree in Canonic Law (Pontificia Universitas Lateranensis)

                               1993 Qualifying bar exams completed (Appeals Court of Rome)

                                           Admitted to the Italian Bar 


As an Italian attorney for nearly 20 years, Mr. Girardi has serviced many clients throughout Italy as related to negotiating Italian and international contracts, in addition to civil law, commercial and international law, family law and related estate legal and financial services. With an extensive and impressive client base of both Italian and non-Italian citizens, his firm has the required contacts and connections and access to legal structures and courthouses in all Italian regions.


Because of his fluent language skills in both his native Italian tongue and English, in 2009 Mr. Girardi was chosen to support the New Jersey / Italy Trade Council initiatives being organized for US citizens having both business and personal interests in Italy.


As the Managing Partner of the Legal and Fiscal firm, Mr. Girardi oversees the quality and performance of the professional staff, and personally inspects and approves all work product delivered to all clients.

Patrizia Della Serra

Tax and Financial Partner

1998  Degree in Commerce and Economy (La Sapienza University of Rome)

                2000  Master in Tax and Tribute Law (Tax and Tributes - Vanoni of Rome)

                                2000  Qualifying exams completed; member of Rome Expert Accountants Association


As a Master Tax Accountant and Senior Financial Manager for 12 years, Ms. Della Serra has diverse experience dealing with Italian financial management and tax matters, on both the national and regional level. Her professional background includes employment with Telecom Italia, in addition to working with various large Italian accounting firms.


An expert in Italian taxation, and fluent in both Italian and English, Ms. Della Serra provides guidance regarding effective tax planning and structures for corporations and private citizens, in addition to addressing matters relating to inheritance taxes as applied to the transfer of financial assets and property to non-Italian citizens residing outside of Italy.


Areas of expertise include:

·  Tax Declaration

·  Accounts Registration

·  Assistance in tax minimization

·  Opening and closing of Italian bank accounts and security accounts

·  Fiscal representation and to foreign companies and individuals

·  Inheritance Declarations

·  Ability to act as a Power of Attorney or Designated Agent

·  Representing US citizens in the Italian legal and fiscal system

Cristina Bonanno

Senior Legal Counsel


2006   Law Degree

             LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy

2008   Master in Law (LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy) 

             Member of the Italian Bar Association
             Member of the Madrid Bar Association


Ms. Bonanno is an accomplished attorney, with both extensive and practical legal expertise across many different engagements. Fluent in both Italian and English, on a daily basis she represents both corporate and individual clients in the Civil Courts and Justices of the Peace in Rome, (Writs of Summons, Objections, First Hearings, Appeals etc.) in addition to providing extrajudicial fact finding and translation services for non-Italian clients.


Past work experience includes UniCredit Credit Management Bank S.p.A., Pioneer Investment Management SGRpA and Pioneer Global Asset Management S.p.A.


In Italy it is permitted to operate both a law firm and a professional accounting firm under a single legal structure.


Legal and Fiscal represents a new breed of Italian professional services --- streamlined, technically savvy, staff fluency in both English and Italian, and the ability to represent international clients in both the federal (national) and regional court and tax systems of Italy.


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