We are proud and honored to have been presented with the following testimonials from our North American clients:


“Living in the US as a US citizen, and the sole surviving heir of my family in Italy, I needed a very qualified lawyer in Italy to probate the estate of my deceased aunt, audit various bank accounts, facilitate the sale of stocks, and to find a buyer and get a fair price for an apartment I inherited in Trieste. But most importantly, once all of these matters were addressed and resolved, I needed to find a trusted Italian attorney to facilitate the financial and legal framework to pay the required Italian taxes, and to remit to me here in the US all funds into my local bank account per detailed and reconciled financial statements. 

The details and complications, of a US resident trying to secure their rightful inheritance from Italy, are very complex. National laws, regional laws, document preparation, required legal filings, court deadlines --- the seemingly never ending demand for “more paperwork, more documentation” is non-stop.   

After several unsatisfactory experiences with US lawyers alleging expertise in Italian family law, I was very fortunate to find Mr. Giampaolo Girardi to handle all of the required financial and real estate transactions associated with my situation. Based in Rome, Mr. Girardi and his firm not only handled all of the required paperwork and filings, but kept me up to date as to developments regarding all efforts and actions on my behalf. 

In addition, a US-based client coordinator located in Philadelphia always provided immediate follow-up with Rome to answer any questions or concerns I had. 

In closing, without any reservations whatsoever I am pleased to recommend Mr. Giampaolo Girardi and his firm for any personal or family legal matters that requires an excellent Italian lawyer to represent your interests in Italy.”


Bill P.
Concord Township, PA



"When we decided to purchase a home in Italy, we knew we needed a savvy Italian lawyer who could direct us through the process and represent us throughout the various steps involved in acquiring real estate.  We found all that -- and more -- in avv. Giampaolo Girardi. Not only did he help us with locating, negotiating, and purchasing our summer home, he has continued to be an invaluable resource for managing our villa – from identifying and negotiating with contractors; to assisting us with banking; to tax planning, preparation and filing.   Avv. Girardi was also instrumental in educating us in the nuances of applying for Italian citizenship and in researching and securing for us the necessary vital records to do so. 


Avv. Girardi impressed us with his professionalism and knowledge of Italian law and was a pleasure to work with. We couldn't help but notice how he received the full cooperation and respect from whomever he interfaced with on our behalf. He always had our best interests in mind, and represented us in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Without reservation I recommend avv. Girardi for all of your legal, real estate, taxation, family law and citizenship requirements in Italy."


Deborah R.
Menlo Park, CA



"I owned 5 acres of land in Limatola, which I allowed my sisters to cultivate since 1987 at no cost because they needed the income. In August 2007 the husband of one of my sisters offered to purchase the land, and so began six years of difficult, complex and ever changing circumstances trying to complete the transaction.


In February 2013 I retained avv. Giampaolo Girardi in Rome (Italy Lawyer for Americans) who is 100% fluent in English to represent my interests. With speed, efficiency and professional conduct he was able to reconcile all outstanding differences, so as to quickly finalize a successful transaction to my total satisfaction.


In an amazingly short 4 months all paperwork was completed, the sale of the land was finalized, and all monies were promptly remitted to me here in the US. At every step I was informed of all developments with fully documented paperwork provided for audit purposes. The firm's US business development officer, Mr. Michael Eckstein located in Philadelphia, called me every week with updates and status reports.


Without any reservations whatesoever I can totally and fully recommend the services of Italy Lawyer for Americans."


Peter M.
Papillion, NE



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